The Best Quality Gloves Which Manufacturer In Malaysia


We offer OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) brand products to our clients and included the fancy design of the packaging.

If you are interested in OEM products, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Special Packing

We are provide special packing, various type of bulk packing and vacuum packing to our clients.

Special Packing

  • 10 pcs per box
  • 20 pcs per box
  • 30 pcs per box
  • Other


Type of Bulk Packing

  • 2000 pcs per bag
  • 3000 pcs per bag
  • 4000 pcs per bag

Vacuum Packing

  • 100 pcs per PE Bag
For further information, you may contact us.

Sourcing Partner

We are provide one stop service to our clients, we cover the service from sourcing to shipment.

Sourcing    Inspection    Shipment

Please do not hesitate to contact us

Consultant & Turnkey Project

We do provide consultant and advise for the Glove Turnkey project.

We assist you to:

  • Set up factory
  • Sourcing of equipment
  • Raw materials
  • Chemicals supply
  • Upgrading Production Line and productivity
  • Cost Saving in term of heat energy saving, downtime reduction, etc
Please contact us if you are interested.
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